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We believe time is the valuable source of success. Spending our best times here to evoke the ability of our man power to focus on data for lengthy periods, knowing very well concentration is our power. Data Conversion and Data Transformation are the main streams with we are striving our growth. Web Developing, XML and E-Publishing is our main dialect. we have been working on XML for more than 4 years and on E-Publishing more than a year.Respecting the sensitivity of the information we are handling, our proficiency in speedy and accurate processing of data had flourished.Our company is nothing but our employees. They are not actually employed at Reogen but empowered for it. We cannot frame them under hard working or smart working categories, they are critical at managing their time. They were recruited after a tedious process for identifying their conventional interest and realism, which cleverly justifies their ability to give selective attention towards specific information without distraction. Finger Dexterity is their basic ability predicted after their interests. On the whole their Self Control and Social Orientation makes them the best team players




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Since 2011

We develop custom software for web and mobile. Our apps transform your traditional business to digital solutions to reach your clients faster. Our passionate team of developers have better understanding of what is most important for client’s business and deliver products exceeding their objectives and expectations. We emphasize collaboration and transparency in all our projects.

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Arumuga Nainar
Arumuga Nainar

Senior Developer




UI/UX Designer


hari reogen
Hari Narayanan

Project Coordination



Initiative Head & Legal Advisor